Joy in the Journey

God delights in His people as they delight in Him. Find joy in journey as you live a Delightfully Devoted life!

Delighting In God's Will The apostle Paul said that he learned the secret of contentment. This "secret" quality is available for every Christian to discover and enjoy. To find contentment, however, we must first apply it. It doesn’t come by simply wanting to be content, just as godliness doesn’t come by merely wanting to be godly. It comes through application during trials, as we learn to trust and obey God in every circumstance. Delighting in doing God’s will can help us find and keep contentment. Jesus said that His food was to do His Father’s will, and so it ought to be with us. Our satisfaction and our delight should be found in doing the will of our Father in Heaven. Accomplishing His purposes should be the cause of great contentment and joy in the life of the follower of Christ. Find contentment today in joyfully doing the will of the Father, as you treasure His Word in your heart.