Denise Rothstein is an author, women’s Bible study teacher, speaker and singer, who loves God, her family, and the church, and seeks to influence and encourage others to know the love and goodness of God.

Her book "The Daily Devoted Woman" is inspired by her desire to see women grow in their walks with Jesus.  Here is a description and where to find it:

Drawing from lessons learned from her own prayer journey, and from Biblical insights, Denise Rothstein shares in "The Daily Devoted Woman" the importance of daily devotions in the Christian woman's life.

Journey with Denise to discover the resources available in God's Word and through the power of the Spirit to develop a healthy prayer life. Life can get busy, but Denise reminds us, that in all our preparations for the day, to also plan to daily listen to Him and talk to Him.

Two weeks of devotions are included in "The Daily Devoted Woman"  to help you draw closer to Jesus and be prepared to do His will.