Who and What Defines You?

There are few people in my life that have inspired, mentored, encouraged and motivated me like my amazing Mom, Jeanette. I have been blessed to have a Mom who, despite my mistakes and sins, disappointments, headaches and heartaches, did not give up on me, but rather was and remains a mentor, a discipler, an encourager and a good friend.

I am blessed and thankful that, even when I had a rough patch, and was on medication for anxiety and depression, she prayed and believed God to get me to the point where I did not need it anymore. I don't want to know who I would be if my Mom didn't pray for me, encourage me, direct and mentor me.

The amazing thing is that she is not only this way with me.  Cousins who have lost their mom, sister-in-laws, friends and countless others have gone to my sweet Momma to be to the encourager, comforter, mentor and friend to them as she has been to me, and I am glad to share her love.

I had a "diagnosis" that came about after an emotionally difficult time in my life. I had to take medication to help me cope with the disappointment and pain that led me into a tailspin.  My mom knew this wasn't my sentence for life, that it didn't define who I was, even though a family member said that, just as he was on diabetes meds for life, I would be on meds for anxiety and depression for life.

My mom and husband, both believers, would not settle for that definition of me. Yes, I have thankfully been set free from needing to be on meds.  In the same way, my son is on meds for emotional issues, and just as my Mom believed I could overcome my "diagnosis" that called for meds, WE believe, pray, encourage and inspire him to believe and pray that he can overcome. 

My mom is my inspiration to be that mentor, cheerleader, prayer warrior, believer, guide and trustworthy friend to my son Adam, as well as to all of my family, my friends and my sisters in Christ.

We all need people who will see us, not by our mistakes or failures, a label, a rebellious period in life, a diagnosis, or a tragedy or obstacle that has set us back. What would the church be like if we stopped and saw people by what they were capable instead of incapable of doing?  

I choose to be like my Mom with my son, not like the family member who tried to give me a life sentence, a definition of me based on pleasing the selfish need to be right, control my future or play god. Only God knows the future. It's time to stop and pray that people will be set free, to inspire them, cheer them on, and yes, believe that the God who raised Jesus from the dead and will save all who call on Him in truth, can heal the sick and broken-hearted. 

I'm so glad my mom did not give up on me, and that she, to this day, brings out the best in me. May I do the same, not just with my son, but with every person I come into contact with.

You are not defined by anyone other than God. Let Him define you. Find a faith and truth filled mentor who will not give up on you but inspire you and bring out the best in you! You are worth it and He is worthy!

"May the God of all hope fill you (and _______) with all joy and peace as you (and ______) trust in Him, so that you (and _______) may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."  Romans 15:13

Who are you mentoring, encouraging, and inspiring?  

In the Beginning . . .

I got the idea for the title of my first blog post from the book of John, chapter 1, which starts with the three words, "In the beginning . . . " It is referring to Jesus who, in the beginning was the Word who was made flesh, and lived among us, and was full of grace and truth.  Since my thoughts and words will be made readable and visible, coming to life through my blogs, I thought this would be a good starting point. I want my words to be words of life, grace and truth, that encourage you on your journey, as I share what I am learning on my journey. 

In my own way, I'm using these 3 words as an introduction to my blogs and articles:

In the beginning of my blog, I created a place and a site at which those weary from the journey could find to be a haven of refreshment, where words of life, grace, truth, encouragement, peace and joy can be found to help lift them up and motivate them to press on towards their goals.

I hope that you will enjoy my blogs and articles, and will be refreshed and encouraged on your journey, as I share words of life, courage and faith!


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